The C-VLR model range of vacuum pumps has a connecting thread on the suction side and an exhaust silencer on the pressure side. With the C-VLR 60 the incoming air is cleaned by a filter cartridge. The C-VLR 100-500 have a micro filter on the suction side. The ZEPHYR C-VLR is a double shaft rotary piston vacuum pump in which the claws roll off against each other contact free and dry. The counter-rotating claw rotors are synchronized by a gear pair in the gearbox. The synchronous gearbox gear wheels and the bearing on the motor side are lubricated with oil. These components are in a gearbox that also contains the oil supply. The feed chamber has no sealants or lubricants.

The C-VLR 400 and 500 sizes have grease lubricated bearings on the B side. The gearbox and the compression chamber are separated from each other by special seals. The gearbox is sealed from the outside with shaft seals and O rings, the compressor chamber with piston rings. The ZEPHYR VLR is driven by standard flanged three phase motors via a coupling (with an elastomer component). A vacuum regulating valve is used to set the vacuum to the required values.