KLR (Vac & Pressure)

The ZEPHYR C-KLR printing pump is a double shaft rotary piston pressure vacuum pump in which the claws roll off against each other contact free and dry. The counter-rotating claw rotors are synchronized by a gear pair in the gearbox. The synchronous gearbox gear wheels and the bearing on the motor side are lubricated with oil. These components are in a gearbox that also contains the oil supply. The feed chamber has no sealants or lubricants. The gearbox and the compression chamber are separated from each other by special seals. The gearbox is sealed from the outside with piston sealing rings and O rings, the compressor chamber with piston rings.

The ZEPHYR C-KLR is enclosed in an insulation hood. The compressed air after-cooler provides a low blowing air temperature. The ZEPHYR C-KLR is driven by standard flanged three-phase motors via a coupling (with an elastomer component). Relief valves and are installed as standard to protect against overload.

Features and Benefits

  • Capacities ranging from 80 to 140 m³/h.
  • Vacuum for continuous operation up to - 0.6 bar
  • Pressure up to +1.0 bar
  • Highly efficient, dry running and contact free
  • Vacuum and pressure operating points are virtually independent of each other
  • Flange-mounted motors correspond to DIN EN 60034 and have IP 55 protection and insulation class F
  • Integrated air cooling without additional cooling medium and built-in compressed air after-cooler lead to low exhaust temperature
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide range of applications