2BL (Full Recovery)

Also know as the Elmo Rietschle "Pump in a Box", these self contained portable units are oil free and air cooled. They include an L-BV liquid ring pump, industrial electric motor, discharge separator, seal water cooler and discharge air cooler. To install - simply connect the suction line and motor and fill the water tank - its ready to go!

Features and Benefits

  • Plug `n Play ~ easy to install
  • Reliable liquid ring technology
  • Perfect for wet air applications
  • No external water supply required
  • Great for remote installations
  • Extremely quiet and cool running
  • 10 system sizes available
  • Capacities from 18 to 548 CFM
  • Vacuum Levels to 28.5 "HgV
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Low Maintenance

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