Universal RAI-J WHISPAIR Blower

Frame Sizes 33J thru 56J

The ROOTS patented Universal RAI-J WHISPAIR blowers are heavy-duty rotary units featuring a compact, sturdy design, engineered for continuous service when operated within speed and vacuum/pressure ratings. The basic model features a cast-iron casing with a computer-designed cast relief for noise and shock suppression, carburized and ground alloy steel spur timing gears secured to steel shafts with a taper mounting and locknut, and cast-iron involute impellers. Oversized anti-friction bearings are used with a cylindrical roller bearing at the drive shaft to withstand V-belt pull. Detachable rugged steel mounting feet permit easy in-field adaptablility to either vertical or horizontal installation requirements.

The Universal RAI-J incorporates grease lube on the drive end and splash lube on the gear end. Roots™ exclusive gearbox design improves oil distribution to maximize bearing and gear life.