Airknife Systems

The Republic Air Knife System produces a high velocity, high impact air stream which removes dust, industrial debris and liquids typically found following a wash, rinse or product filling operation. These air knife systems are engineered, manufactured and tested to provide 99.9% of product removal from parts prior to labeling, ink jet laser coding, packaging or other secondary operations.Air knife assemblies are available in extruded aluminum and stainless steel with lengths from 2" up to 196" and with an adjustable gap for proper air-stream control.

   Additionally, the air velocity can be adjusted in the field with an optional butterfly or dampener valve to provide the appropriate pressure and air-stream as required for the process. Multiple air knife and nozzle combinations can be connected to a manifold assembly, which in turn is powered by a single motor/ blower system.
Competing blower and air knife designs remove only part of the moisture and then rely on additional moisture evaporation as the part travels through the manufacturing process. Republic Blower Systems manufactures a unique air knife system that allows for the most efficient method of debris removal or drying.

   Republic Air Knife Systems can also provide additional heat sources for those special high temperature applications where the product requires a controlled temperature heat cure or set. For cooling applications, Republic can design and provide cold air systems for cooling parts as they exit a plating, welding or coating operation.

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