The C-DLR range has a connecting thread on the pressure side and an intake silencer on the suction side. With the C-DLR 60 the incoming air is cleaned by a filter cartridge. The C-DLR 100-501 have a micro filter on the suction side. The ZEPHYR C-DLR is a double shaft rotary piston compressor in which the claws roll off against each other contact free and dry. The counter-rotating claw rotors are synchronize by a gear pair in the gearbox. The synchronous gearbox gear wheels and the bearing on the motor side are lubricated with oil. These components are in a gearbox that also contains the oil supply. Oil conveying devices always ensure that the bearings and the gear wheels are sufficiently supplied with oil at all permissible speeds. The feed chamber has no sealants or lubricants.

The C-DLR 401 and 501 sizes have grease lubricated bearings on the B side. The gearbox and the compression chamber are separated from each other by special seals. The gearbox issealed from the outside with shaft seals and O rings, the compressor chamber with piston rings. Between them there is also another atmospherically ventilated area which can be loaded with sealing gas (special version). The C-DLR 100-501 are encapsulated by an insulating hood. In order to dissipate compression heat, the cooling air is sucked through between the machine and the hood using drum fan that sucks in the fresh cooling air and discharges the heated air out of the cooling air outlet). The ZEPHYR DLR is driven by standard flanged three phase motors via a coupling (with an elastomer component). To protect against overload a safety valve is fitted as standard.

Features and Benefits

  • Overpressure at continuous operation goes up to max. 1.8 bar
  • Highly efficient, dry running and contact-free
  • Steady performance curve over the entire operating range
  • Integrated air cooling without additional cooling medium
  • Flange-mounted motors correspond to DIN EN 60034 and have IP 55 protection and insulation class F
  • Available with variable speed drive
  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide range of applications